Standardization in the field of cold chain logistics. The scope will include, but is not limited to;

  • terms and conditions for carriage/storage service of refrigerated goods, physical handling of refrigerated goods (acceptance, loading, transshipment, storage, sorting, transportation and delivery),
  • maintenance and control methods of temperature-controlled facilities, quality control methods throughout the cold chain (e.g. temperature monitoring and control, prevention of damage, loss and delay),
  • hygiene management during carriage/storage service to prevent contamination of goods,
  • facilitation of logistical efficiency
  • manpower management, staff education and training, safety management for staff and workplaces,
  • safety and reliability of carriage/storage services,
  • information management and data processing such as customer management and cargo/parcel tracking (including labelling), as well as terminology

Excluded: - Standardization covered by ISO/TC 34, ISO/TC 34 (Food products) /SC 17 (Management systems for food safety), ISO/TC 86 (Refrigeration and air conditioning), ISO/TC104 (Freight containers), ISO/TC 122, O/TC 234 (Fishery and aquaculture), ISO/TC 276 (Biotechnology), ISO/TC 283 and ISO/TC 304

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ISO/TC 315/AHG 1 Strategic Business Plan (SBP) Working group
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ISO/TC 34/SC 17 Management systems for food safety ISO
ISO/TC 234 Fisheries and aquaculture ISO


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ISO/TC 34/SC 17 Management systems for food safety ISO
ISO/TC 122 Packaging ISO
ISO/TC 234 Fisheries and aquaculture ISO
ISO/TC 308 Chain of custody ISO
ISO/TC 321 Transaction assurance in E-commerce ISO

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