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It is my pleasure to share with you the new ISO Strategy 2030, a result of a collaborative effort between our members, partners and all stakeholders. Inclusiveness and finding common agreement on products and services is the lifeblood of standardization and for 75 years, ISO has been at the heart of this process. It is therefore fitting that the vision of ISO for 2030 should be founded on the same tenets.

The ISO Strategy 2030, like our International Standards, will be regularly reviewed and revised. In this way, we will ensure that it remains fit for purpose, as we adapt our intentions and actions in line with our changing environment and aspirations. The strategy will be complemented by two key operational tools; the implementation plan, which will outline the concrete actions we will take towards our goals and priorities, and the measurement framework, which we will use to continually measure our progress.

The ongoing global health crisis has demonstrated the truly universal nature of the issues facing humanity and brought new perspective to our work. I believe that ISO has an indispensable role to play in supporting coordinated action to provide global solutions and to ensure that the world is better prepared for any future situations like the one we find ourselves in today. We are seeing an acceleration of profound changes in society, especially in the use of digital technologies for remote learning and working. As you will read, digital transformation and the need to find new ways of working and delivering solutions is a thread that runs through our new ISO strategy.

It is clearer now than ever before, that realizing the purpose of our organization is about infinitely more than our own success. It is about fulfilling our vision to make life easier, safer and better for all the people in the world. Our bold vision and mission, outlined on the following pages, show with clarity our purpose and the strength of our convictions, which are well aligned to the United Nations Global Agenda for 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Together, we all have a role to play: the ISO Strategy 2030 sets us on an important journey towards success.


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Eddy Njoroge
ISO President

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Stratégie de l'ISO 2030

La Stratégie de l’ISO 2030 présente notre vision et notre mission pour les dix prochaines années, ainsi qu'un ensemble d'objectifs et de priorités pour nous aider à y parvenir. Ces trois objectifs sont des jalons pour notre vision. Nous nous concentrerons sur six priorités pour atteindre nos objectifs …

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    Une introduction et une vue d’ensemble des principaux éléments de réussite pour chaque objectif et chaque priorité.