International Standards 
Advancing the Global Agenda

24-28 September 2018

Aletsch Glacier
Bettmeralp, Switzerland


The ISO General Assembly 2018 is about sharing knowledge and innovating new ideas on how International Standards can make the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a reality. This year’s ISO Week brings the global ISO community together in Geneva, Switzerland.

Harnessing the power of International Standards

Challenges like climate change, pollution and poverty don’t stop at borders. Many of these challenges have been included in the United Nations Development Agenda 2030 with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ratified by governments around the world, these goals set ambitious targets for the next 12 years. As an organization founded on the idea of helping people work together across national, technological, economic and social frontiers, the role for ISO is clear. By providing a roadmap for policy makers, businesses and institutions, International Standards can help achieve a more sustainable future.

The ISO Week 2018 is the perfect starting point for mapping that journey, because the power of standardization is in the diversity and experience of our members. We’re looking forward to seeing you there, as we recognize and respect the things we have in common in our quest for innovative solutions.


ISO President

John Walter

Improving the quality of life of an ever-growing global population relies on new technologies and new ways of thinking. Standards support innovation and act as a strong foundation upon which new developments can be built.

John Walter
Sergio Mujica


ISO Secretary-General

Sergio Mujica

The 2030 Agenda is defined by sustainable development goals that are broad-reaching in scope and ambitious in timing: there are just 12 years left to fix some of the world’s thorniest problems. Standards used everywhere can move us that much closer.

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