• Секретарь:
    Mr Sergio Mujica
  • Председатель:
    Mr Edward Njoroge
  • Дата создания : 1947

Область деятельности

The ISO Council is the core governance body of the Organization and reports to the General Assembly. It meets three times a year and is made up of 20 member bodies, the ISO Officers and the Chairs of the Policy Development Committees CASCO, COPOLCO and DEVCO. The Council has direct responsibility over a number of bodies reporting to Council:

  • The President’s Committee advises Council on matters decided by Council.
  • Council Standing Committees address matters related to finance (CSC/FIN), strategy and policy (CSC/SP), nominations for governance positions (CSC/NOM), and oversight of the Organization’s governance practices (CSC/OVE).
  • Advisory Groups provide advice on matters related to ISO’s commercial policy (CPAG) and Information Technology (ITSAG).
  • CASCO - provides guidance on conformity assessment
  • COPOLCO - provides guidance on consumer issues
  • DEVCO - provides guidance on matters related to developing countries

    Membership to the Council is open to all member bodies and rotates to make sure it is representative of the member community.

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Полноправных членов

Ссылки Заголовок Тип
ISO/COUNCIL/CPAG Commercial Policy Advisory Group Working group
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN Council Standing Committee on Finance (CSC/FIN) Sub committee
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/NOM Council Standing Committee for Review of Nominations Sub committee
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/OVE Council Standing Committee on Oversight Sub committee
ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/SP Council Standing Committee on Strategy and Policy Sub committee
ISO/COUNCIL/ITSAG Information Technology Strategy Advisory Group (ITSAG) Working group
Дата Меяц Местоположение ТК/ПК Примечание
22 November 2021 Virtual ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/SP *
30 November 2021 Virtual ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/FIN *
7 December 2021 Virtual ISO/COUNCIL/CSC/NOM *
23-24 February 2022 Geneva (Switzerland) ISO/COUNCIL *
9-10 June 2022 Stockholm (Sweden) ISO/COUNCIL *

* Информация определена, но заседание еще официально не проведено
** Предварительное