• Секретариат: SAC
    Менеджер комитета:
    Ms Yan Cui
  • Председатель (до конца 2025):
    Mr Jiangfeng Zhang
  • Менеджер ИСО по техническим программам [TPM]:
    Mme Blandine Garcia
    Менеджер ИСО по редакционным программам [EPM]:
    Ms Fabiola Caragol Rivera
  • Дата создания : 2020

Область деятельности

Standardization in the field of lithium mining, concentration, extraction, separation and conversion to useful lithium compounds/materials (including oxides, salts, metals, master alloys, lithium-ion battery materials, etc.) The work program includes terminology, technical conditions of delivery to overcome transport difficulties, unified testing and analysis methods to improve the general quality of lithium products.

Excluded: Battery Note: Battery is a component and not a material, which can be directly used in electric vehicles, digital cameras, electric motorcycles, etc

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ISO/TC 333/CAG Chairs Advisory Group Working group

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Комитет, указанный ниже, имеет доступ к следующим документам ISO/TC 333:

Ссылка Заголовок ИСО/МЭК
IEC/SC 21A Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes IEC
IEC/TC 35 Primary cells and batteries IEC
ISO/TC 188 Small craft ISO


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ISO/TC 333 можно получить доступ к документам комитетов ниже

Ссылка Заголовок ИСО/МЭК
IEC/TC 113 Nanotechnology for electrotechnical products and systems IEC


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EC - European Commission European Commission B

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