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The Innovation and Technology Commission of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (ITCHKSAR) provides a range of standards-related services as follows :
The Product Standards Information Bureau promotes general awareness of standards and coordinates Hong Kong, China’s participation in international and regional fora relating to standards. It maintains a reference library of standards for public use; operates a sales service of standards from overseas standards bodies; and provides technical enquiry/advisory service on product standards, safety and certification requirements and regulations.
The Standards and Calibration Laboratory promotes internationally accepted measurement standards to underpin technological development and international trade. It holds Hong Kong's reference standards of physical measurements and provides calibration services in support of trade and industry. Its calibration certificates are internationally recognised.
The Hong Kong Accreditation Service aims at upgrading the standard of operation of certification bodies, inspection bodies and laboratories; conferring recognition on ones which meet international standards; promoting the acceptance of their certification, inspection and test results; establishing mutual recognition agreements with overseas accreditation bodies; and eliminating the need for re-certification, re-testing and re-inspection to facilitate trade.

[The annual budget and number of staff employed represent the total figures for ITCHKSAR which also supports applied research and development and technology transfer and application; promotes technological entrepreneurship; and facilitates provision of technological infrastructure and development of human capital to support innovation and technology.]

Innovation and Technology Commission

Quality Services Division
Product Standards Information Bureau
36/F Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

Тел.: +852 28 29 48 19
Факс: +852 28 24 13 02
E-mail: psib@itc.gov.hk



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