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The Institute for Standardization of Montenegro (ISME), as a National Standardization Body, was established on April 2007 according to the Decree passed by the Government of Montenegro. The Law on Standardization was adopted in February 2008 and is in line with the WTO/TBT Code of Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards.

ISME has been a correspondent member of ISO since 1 July 2007; an associate member of the IEC since 1 January 2009 and an affiliate member of CEN since 1 July 2008. Application for the status of CENELEC affiliate member is currently under way.

Institute for Standardization of Montenegro

VII Omladinske 28
81000 Podgorica

Тел.: +382 20 227 108
Факс: +382 20 227 138
E-mail: isme@t-com.me

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