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This International Standard specifies the framework, concepts and methodology for testing and criteria to be

achieved to claim conformance to the family of ISO geographic information standards. It provides a framework for

specifying abstract test suites (ATS) and for defining the procedures to be followed during conformance testing.

Conformance may be claimed for data or software products or services or by specifications including any profile or

functional standard.

Standardization of test methods and criteria for conformance to geographic information standards will allow

verification of conformance to those standards. Verifiable conformance is important to geographic information

users, in order to achieve data transfer and sharing.

This International Standard is applicable to all the phases of conformance and testing. These phases are

characterized by the following major activities:

a) the definition of ATS for conformance to the ISO geographic information standards;

b) the definition of test methods for conformance to the ISO geographic information standards;

c) the conformance assessment process carried out by a testing laboratory for a client, culminating in the

production of a conformance test report.

This International Standard specifies the requirements for, and gives guidance on, the procedures to be followed in

conformance testing for the ISO geographic information standards. It includes only such information as is

necessary to meet the following objectives:

1) to achieve confidence in the tests as a measure of conformance;

2) to achieve comparability between the results of corresponding tests applied in different places at different


3) to facilitate communication between the parties responsible for the activities described in 1) and 2).

This International Standard provides a framework for certification (an administrative procedure which may follow

conformance testing) in informative annex B.

The following topics are outside the scope of this International Standard.

a) The description of requirements for procurement and contracts.

b) Testing by means of test methods which are specific to particular applications or systems.

c) Acceptance testing, performance testing and robustness testing.

The framework established by this International Standard includes the concept of executable test suites (ETS).

These, by their very nature, cannot be standardized; consequently, standardization of ETS is outside the scope of

this International Standard.

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  • Текущий статус :  Published
    Дата публикации : 2000-12
  • Версия : 1
  • :
    ISO/TC 211
    Geographic information/Geomatics
  • 35.240.70
    IT applications in science

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