ISO/ASTM 51538 covers the preparation, handling, testing and procedure for using the ethanol-chlorobenzene dosimetry system to measure absorbed doses in materials irradiated by photons and electrons in terms of absorbed dose in water. The system consists of a dosimeter and appropriate analytical instrumentation. This practice describes the titration analysis as a standard readout procedure for the ECB dosimeter and applies only to gamma rays, X rays and high-energy electrons.

This practice applies provided the following are satis-fied:

the absorbed dose range is from 10 Gy to 2 MGy;

the absorbed dose rate does not exceed 106 Gy s -1;

for radionuclide gamma-ray sources, the initial photon energy is greater than 0,6 MeV;

for bremsstrahlung photons, the initial energy of the electrons used to produce the bremsstrahlung photons is equal to or greater than 2 MeV;

for electron beams, the initial electron energy is equal to or greater than 4 MeV.

the irradiation temperature of the dosimeter is within the range from - 40 °C to 80°C;

the effects of size and shape of the irradiation vessel on the response of the dosimeter can adequately be taken into account by performing the appropriate calculations using cavity theory.

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    Дата публикации : 2002-03
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    ISO/TC 85
    Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection
  • 17.240
    Radiation measurements

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