Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

ISO International Standards support sustainable industrialization through internationally agreed specifications that meet quality, safety and sustainability requirements.

Covering virtually all industries, they give confidence to investors and consumers by creating an environment in which products and services can flourish. What’s more, ISO standards provide a universal language, thus breaking down technical barriers to international trade. This is particularly important for developing countries as it allows them to compete more easily in the global marketplace.

ISO also has standards that facilitate business practices and relationships. These include ISO 44001, Collaborative business relationship management systems – Requirements and framework, which provides a common platform to maximize the benefits of collaborative working and assist companies in establishing healthy business relationships, both within and between organizations.

Standards are also important tools in building safe and resilient infrastructures. For example, ISO has over a thousand standards for the construction industry that provide internationally agreed guidelines and specifications on everything from the type and status of the soil these buildings stand on to the roof. These include not only minimum safety and performance levels, but a series of test methods for resilience as well.

ISO International Standards provide a platform for ensuring interoperability, which encourages investment and supports innovation. Moreover, ISO’s ongoing work on innovation management will offer tried-and-tested frameworks that help organizations unleash their innovative potential. This includes standards ISO 56002 on innovation management systems and ISO 56003 on tools and methods for collaborative innovation partnership.

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